Startup Ideas for Students With No Investments

If you think that all world-famous entrepreneurs started their journey in a business having a large investment capital, you’re completely wrong. Sometimes even money can’t guarantee the success of a certain idea. Your success depends not only on your financial capabilities but on the product you want to create and your own desire to succeed. Browse the Internet and find the biographies of successful people that inspire you. We guarantee that you’ll be surprised to find out that some of them are from low-income families.
Lots of examples prove that even students who seem to be busy can launch a start-up. If you dream about it but think that your academics will stop you from achieving your aim, you’re wrong. Don’t tell us that the thoughts like “I can find a professional writer who can do my math assignment, and devote myself to something I like more” have never crossed your mind. Students opt for professional assistance in difficult situations, so there’s nothing wrong with your desire to alleviate the academic burden.
It’s time to discover the best low-cost business ideas that any student can implement:

1. Freelance writer

This niche opens a lot of prospects to you. If you see that you’re good at writing academic papers, start as an independent writer, or apply to one of the online writing agencies, such as Papercoach and complete other students’ orders. Working in such an agency will give you valuable experience that you may use to launch your own company. Of course, it’s not fast, but you may be sure that your company will be in demand for many years.

2. Blogger

Since most modern smartphones have high-quality cameras, you don’t need to buy additional equipment to start your YouTube blog. However, being a blogger doesn’t always mean you must record vlogs or other videos. You may opt for various blogging platforms (Wix,, Tumblr, etc.) or turn your page on Instagram into a blog. Think about what you can tell other people to make them interested in your personality. If you can find an answer, this idea is for you.

3. Babysitter

We agree that this idea can hardly sound like a real “business idea,” but even Steve Jobs created his first computer in a garage. Being a babysitter is a rewarding job, and these people are always in demand. Get some experience and create a strong customer base — it guarantees success if you decide to create a local babysitting company. At least, you won’t need to attract new clients and may spend your time and resources on something more important.

4. Tutor

You attend classes, do assignments till late into the night, and still can’t benefit from it? It’s time to change it. Identify the discipline you’re proficient in and become a tutor. You can hold lessons online or meet with other students in person. Ask junior college students; perhaps, some of them need English or math homework help, so offer your assistance to them. Don’t forget to use your social media profiles to promote your tutoring services. The only investment you need here is your knowledge.