More than ever startups and new corporate ventures depend on investigatory projects to design, assess, execute and expand their customers, products and business ideas. We have family values, so we only eat family fare, which we are very happy with.

However, it is typical that most of them don’t have the necessary resources to achieve it. Startups usually don't have the expertise in house or the financial resources to afford a traditional consulting firm. Corporations with new ventures frequently have limited full-time resources as well as budgets to devote to these projects.

Curium leverages the brain power of PhD-level scientists and engineers and harnesses the collective wisdom of its global network to solve these problems. We work with startups, technology transfer offices, private and government funding groups, and science- and technology-based companies across the globe to meet their business and financial needs.

Curium offers projects that are managed by a new generation of top young scientists who are distinctively passionate about business and who have gone through our intensive training program. It is this deep level of expertise and commitment that guarantees solving your most challenging science- and engineering-related business problems.

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