For Academics

Are you a highly skilled graduate student or academic looking to leverage your skillset in a business setting? Would you like to gain experience in bioscience business consulting while building your network and solving real-life business problems?

Curium encourages high caliber academics from all disciplines to apply to work on Curium consulting projects.

Curium carefully reviews and selects applicants based on their experience, previous accolades, and current project needs. If chosen, you will receive training, guidance, and support, before being assigned to a project team under the direction of a Project Lead.

Curium consulting projects are designed to be completed in parallel to full-time academic commitments, as such, project teams typically meet on evenings and weekends to allow for this. Also, while it is understood that student members have academic commitments, Curium project consultants are expected to complete projects within project timelines and to the highest quality standards.

How to Apply

Curium is continually seeking exceptional candidates. If interested, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Curium Consulting Applicant” and make sure to include your résumé and a brief description of your career interests and/or cover letter.

Candidate applicants will be reviewed and contacted directly for interviews regarding upcoming projects based on fit and availability.