Curium consulting applies top notch brainpower, deep targeted expertise, and proven methodologies to a variety of consulting areas, including:


  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Potential Partnership Evaluation
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Strategy for Implementation

Business Planning

Curium has worked with a variety of start-ups as well as companies of all sizes to help them with:·

  • Business Model Development and Evaluation
  • SBIR Evaluation and Review
  • Grant Writing and Editing Assistance
  • Pitching for Investment
  • Go to Market Strategy

Opportunity Assessment

  • New Product Valuation
  • Technology review
  • Risk/Benefit Analysis
  • Product or Service Market & Growth Evaluation
  • Regulatory and Policy Planning  - Evaluation and strategy around regulatory/government body decisions that affect your business


  • Evaluation of Regional and Global Growth Trend - best practices, gaps, future projections· Efficiency for Growth – identification of options to drive growth performance through new market segments, and new policies, processes, or procedures
  • Future Growth – identification, prioritization, and implementation of intersections between business opportunities and major, evolving trends

Curium generates value for its clients by developing an informed strategy to reach their goals, saving them time and resources. Curium believes that expertise and deep understanding are key to truly understanding the market and staying ahead of the competition, it is with this mindset that Curium is highly selective in its recruitment and training practices.